About James

I graduated from University of Hull with a 2:2 Masters degree (MChem) specialising in Physical and Colloidal Chemistry. I trained as a teacher in 2020, also at University of Hull, gained QTS (Qualified teacher status) the same year and then began working for 3 years at Sirius Academy North. In 2023 I joined Sirius Academy west as the lead practitioner for chemistry and have continued in this role ever since. As an experienced teacher I rely on experience and pedagogical research to develop my teaching, therefore giving students and tutees the best chance of achieving their desired outcomes.

My specialism in Chemistry has allowed me to not only gain an in depth understanding of the subject, but has allowed me to develop a vast understanding of the subjects linking to my specialism (physics and maths). My research in 2018 into stability of colloidal particles and Janus nanoparticles in emulsions required a working understanding of all three specialisms to achieve success in my masters dissertation. I still follow this area of research and keep up to date on new papers and publications in order to both maintain an understanding of the area and be able to guide students towards this area of research.

Outside of teaching, I consider myself an avid gamer and enjoy playing sports. I have recently ventured into the Warhammer universe with both 40K and necromunda.

About Andrew

I am a professional tutor with over fifteen years teaching and tutoring experience. In 2005 I graduated from Leeds University with a BSc Physics, having achieved the second highest mark in the year. I received a PGCE (post graduate certificate in education) from Nottingham University in 2007. After which I completed three  years at the Brunts School in Mansfield, with particular success teaching GCSE and A-level. In 2011 I started tutoring part time while studying for a Masters in Nanoscience from the School of Chemistry at Nottingham University. I graduated in 2012 having achieved the highest mark in the history of the course (79.3%).


Between 2012 and 2017 I was working on my PhD in Chemical Physics at the University of Nottingham. My PhD used X-ray based techniques to analyse molecules and nanostructures on surfaces. The primary goal was to investigate charge transfer between these nanostructures and various surfaces. Charge transfer is very important for solar cells and organic LEDs and this research leads to fundamental understanding of the physics behind these technologies. Part of this work used synchrotrons, which is an X-ray producing particle accelerator, at MAX-Lab IV in Lund, Sweden and Soleil in Paris. I hope that this research will lead to developing new technologies for light flexible displays and lower cost generation of solar power.

Now that I have finished my PhD, tutoring is my full time job, which I relish. Outside of work I enjoy freemasonry, Warhammer 40k and Trance Music. 

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Dr Andrew Gibson BSc PGCE QTS MSc PhD
 Mr James McCracken MChem QTS

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